Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lucky Bride

 It was a beautiful wedding in every respect. It poured rain the week before and Hurricane Irene came the following weekend. But she had blue skies, fluffy clouds, true love, family...small children sneaking cake and everyone dancing. Let's just say there were SOME moves truly busted...

I of course misplaced my Xanax for flying home, lost a pearl earring (don't tell the Working Mom, I borrowed them from her) And flew out of D.C. the evening before they closed the airport due to Hurricane Irene. I am nervous flier under the best of circumstances but a hurricane without Xanax?

Jet Blue I love ya! My flight to DC was 4 hrs, and we arrived ahead of schedule on the trip home. My ticket was so inexpensive I purchased an extra space seat near a window up front because I knew I'd be frazzled after the wedding on the return flight.
At the end of my row of 3 seats was a tony woman and we gave each other the thrumbs up when no one was seated between us.

At the last moment a young Mom with two kids under 4 years old got on with only 3 seperate seats left in different rows available, in each quadrant of the plane. As the seat between us was empty one was assigned there.

MOM ALERT, my children call me the Universal Mother because I consider all children around me under my care...meddling they call it... I'm SO embarassing they say. So I gave up my seat and took the first empty seat in the back between two giant men who were both not pleased to lose their extra space. My original seatmate took a single seat in the front row and the Mom and kids got the row together. They were very good and did not make a peep he whole flight.
The Jet Blue people thanked me and it was funny how I tried not to touch the arms of the two giants I sat between.
This is my hot tub at home. I put on aires by calling it "my spa". I think I harmed my legs by wearing high heels for 9 hours for the first time in years. Even dancing. It is clearly a sports injury. I really admire my daughter, the brand new Newly Wed for how she arranged this perfect wedding by herself, with a little help from her friends. And where are they honeymooning??? The Bahamas. A Woman of a Certaine Age.


  1. It seems to me I saw that pear earring rolling around on the bedside table at the hotel. Too bad we can't go back in time and put it away before we checked out.
    It was good of you to give up your seat. I hope that Jet Blue rewarded your sacrifice sufficiently.
    I agree that it was a wonderful wedding. Everything went smoothly and the bride and her attendants were beautiful. I really admired the brides choices of wedding accouterments. Very elegant.


  2. My advice to all MOBs is "keep your family close, and your best friend closer, then they have to act normal". Cheers AWOACA