Saturday, September 3, 2011

Having a Birthday the first week of School

"Like I have time to  blog!" Working Mom

"It's raining in the Bahamas!" Newly Wed

"Does that mean a possible future grandkid???" A Woman of a Certain Age.

"Did you know you have to raise your hand to talk?" Schoolgirl

While asking about her new teacher who I got to meet at pickup, I remarked to my granddaughter, "Mr. T Is very charming" wanting to reinforce everything good for the transition to school.

"Would you like to marry him?" she asked. Granted last week end she was the flower girl in the big wedding in our family... but I was surprised. I really didn't want her propositioning him on my behalf.
I said no.

Today the Working Mom is throwing the Kindergartener's 5th birthday party in the park. WM and I have had 5 years of over the top parties for her (Cinderella came last year...) and Grampy had already done a bar b q in the park the year before that. Cowgirl theme... so we decided we are all tired of pizza and it costs a fortune, so we are making p nut butter and jelly sandwiches, singular, not togther, cut in triangles in baskets. We will honor the pnut allergy rule as Working Mom is allergic to pnuts herself and her first real communication I taught her after "thank you" was "I AM ALLERGIC TO NUTS AND ALL NUT PRODUCTS!"

5 years ago
leads to this: first day of kindergarten

The real point here is for everybody to remember to take it easy. Each family has so much going on that we all need to remember to relax. WM's anxiety was "what if we make the sandwiches too early and they are too dry?"
I said" Are you kidding? There is cake, a my little pony pinata and new kindergarten families are coming who are consumed with curiosity about each other... Do you REALLY think that will be a problem???  I mean, sheesh, we had a WEDDING last weekend, This is just a bunch of 5 yr olds who will be running around and shrieking with joy". Of course I could be wrong. We may become THAT family who served DRY sandwiches and ruin the Schoolgirl's entire social future. 
 I plan to nap at 3 PM today but we shall see. A Woman of a Certain Age

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  1. I wish I could come to the party too. Pony pinata and p-butter sandwiches accented with 5 year olds sounds like the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Napping sounds like the second best way. Enjoy!!