Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Travel with children. To Benadryl or not to Benadryl...

My only sibling, my only sister and my "first baby" is getting married on Saturday. It's bananas. Let me put it to you this way... My first word was "mama"... Her first word was MY name. Mom was shocked but I earned it. Every time she even started to frown I'd go into my 3yr old version of a Flashdance routine. I could even hit the chair. I was kind of a big deal.
My daughter will have her first plane ride en route to the wedding and I have packed a lot of activities for her. We decided not to get her a personal DVD player for the trip. Every single one of her friends has one but she already has so much. Also all the parents say give the child benadryl to sedate them. People even say to do that when taking a child to the dentist. I'm not doing it. I am counting on the Strawberry Shortcake activity book with the two toned glitter crayons. Nana says the clouds are enough. I am also bringing an extra T shirt for me in case my daughter throws up on me.

Here is what I've packed for her, and no it's not a week long wedding celebration- it's for two days. Nana is even taking the flower girl dress. Never go anywhere without a tutu. Pink enough? I actually do own nice luggage from my old life but my new world has become a pink gingham kind of place- and that is cool with me. 

 We fly home Sunday night and I start my teaching job the next morning. No hangover for me! Being a teacher in California I only found out my assignment last week. High School English. Here is one of about 5 boxes I have to take that day.

The next Monday after that my daughter starts Kindergarten and has her 5th birthday that weekend. Notice pink is a running theme in my life??? I have to have it then because the folllowing weekend is my 30th birthday. So saying I have to plan ahead is a bit of an understatement.

Working Mom, Sister of the Bride, and Mother of the Flower Girl
yep we all wear many hats or should I say Fascinators?


  1. I vote no on the benadryl and the dvd player.

    Kids will get used to traveling if you let them.

    Pink was a theme in my life too, so I painted my daughters' room aqua to offset the pink. ;)

    Have fun at the wedding, good luck with the teaching position, congrats on kindergarten and Happy Birthday! I recall 30 as being a very good year.

    I wandered over from LeftCoastMini. :)

  2. Hi Dale, Looks like pink is still workin for you. Well like it or not, 30 here I come! Working Mom

  3. Take a night flight, then she'll sleep... Still Single

  4. I have also come over from the Leftcoastmini blog. Good luck with the flight (I also vote no to the benadryl and dvd player), new job, upcoming birthday and the wedding, which I'm sure will be fabulous!
    My daughter has had the same ladybug suitcase for years. (her name is Mari, which is the name of the ladybug here in Norway -"Marihøne" - so she has had a lot of ladybug-patterned clothes and items) The suitcase has been used on many holidays and flights and still looks brand new.