Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little boxes, little boxes, little boxes filled with yumminess

Three days and counting. Thank God my Mom is here! So far I have tried on my dress for her, now she has me worried about cleavage, then I caught the veil in the garment bag zipper and ripped it... Mom trimmed it after a little bitty freakout... Now we are packaging truffles which are the favors. I made them and the whole thing with boxes and ribbon cost 50 cents a piece...It's the new ecconomy.
Sincerely, Still Single 


  1. So Charming little Boxes and the truffles look so sweet . . . !

  2. They were yummy too, made of San Francisco Ghiridelli chocolate and Philadelphia cream cheese, (go Rutgers!) representing the bride and groom's roots. AWOACA