Thursday, August 25, 2011

Washington D.C. Earthquake

After the earthquake the Washington monument was closed due to slight cracking near the top. Wouldn't want any marble tiles to fall. The Newly Wed and I were out about town today in the rain. Washington still looked beautiful.
Stormy weather in D.C.
the above picture is simulated
First I love to watch the news. Today it is of cans of food on the floor from every grocery store in Virginia. Then some polls, then some hurricane warnings, then pictures of cans on the floor in Virginia. But here's what gets me! The newscasters start BASHING CALIFORNIA! "Why," they say "we know you Californians are used to earthquakes but we're not." Hey I didn't say anything!
One local, venerated newscaster went so far as to tell Californians on air to, "Shut the hell up." Well, we say, we hella won't. We just want to say relax, don't have state envy... A Woman of a Certain Age and a Newly Wed

Did you see this! Too funny.


  1. I am starting to get used to earthquakes as this one was my third. But I am not from California. Nope I'm from just the Great Lakes area, Toronto.

    Hurricanes - no that is another matter. I hope Irene stays on the east coast. I am just getting settled in after being away for two weeks.

  2. Spoken like a true Parisian ex pat! A Woman of a Certaine Age.