Monday, August 15, 2011

How better to kick off a Family Blog than by having a wedding?

Here I am in the receiving line dressed up, a smile on my lips, and my hand extended. "Nice to meet you".

                         Her Inspiration Collage
 (Yes that is the room, the real invitations, and those are the bride's maids' dresses)
                     Well it will all be for real next Saturday.

The Bride to Be just called and said "I think everything's in order, I have worked so hard on this..." I wanted to say, "Don't tempt the fates..." but my Good Mom self thought before speaking and said, "I know all your hard work will be rewarded..." and I am so proud of her paying for this all by herself. Oh yes, she did invoice the Groom for his family... It's a new tradition we're starting. Wish us Luck! A Woman of a Certain Age, Mother of the Bride


  1. congratulations on your new way!
    lots of luck

  2. Congratulations ! So Happy fo YOU and the whole Family!
    Lots of Luck, Hugs

  3. Hi again... I am now following this blog also, but it must be too early in the morning to me to solve the secret how to show it also here in your page... :)

    More Hugs

  4. Hi Neomig, Thanks! There is so much to explore about families. It doesn't just take a villiage... I think it takes a blogosphere now. xoxo A Woman of a Certain Age

  5. Hey Kikka! Glad you hopped over. I think it takes awhile to make everything work because my response comments just started working. Cheers
    A Woman of a certain Age... me

  6. To the bride, groom, family and friends - I hope you have a magical day filled with wonderful memories. I will raise a glass to your health, wealth and future on this side of the pond =0)